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Road Hawk Cycle Salvage


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5801 SE Johnson Creek Boulevard
Portland, OR 97206
(503) 775-6014


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Tags: motorcycle dealers, con artists, posers

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1 review for Road Hawk Cycle Salvage

Road Hawk Cycle Salvage
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On 10-25-14 I bought a Yamaha Raptor 660 ATV from Mike Landry (owner) of Road Hawk Cycle. The bill of sale lists Road Hawk Cycle as owner. I paid $2100, and Mr. Landry said the ATV was in good shape; nothing wrong with it that he knew of. Part of the deal also included him later to give me (as he didn't have them at his place of business where the ATV was purchased) 2 sand tires on rims, and a protective skid plate (total value of about $300 as used parts). He mentioned he also just changed the oil and bought a new battery for it (and he gave me the receipt for the new battery).

After buying it I noticed he had very poor reviews on Yelp (and a D- with the BBB), for shoddy work and not giving customers what they purchased. After trying for a few weeks to arrange to pick up the tires and skid plate, Landry finally told me it would be impossible
because someone stole them (supposedly, my loss). (Since he's in the surplus business, he can re-sale these for profit, if he even had them as he claimed.) Given his reviews, I
wasn't surprised. What I thought was a good deal now looked pretty bad.

Since Landry has such bad reviews, I had a pro mechanic check out the ATV. The exam showed $1,899 repairs are needed, as a partial exam because they couldn't even get the ATV to idle. (When I purchased the ATV, I did test ride it about 200 ft., as Landry seemed to show frustration over the need for a road test and there wasn't much land to test ride it). The pro mechanic examiner said that after some repairs are made, additional checks could be made, such as a test ride. This deal went from "bad" to "horrible."

Some of the major problems:
-- Matt bought a new battery, but it is the wrong type. Battery needs correct replacement
-- The radiator has rust in it, and there was no reservoir cap. It looks like a 4 inch hole was self-repaired and probably incorrectly repaired. The radiator needs to be replaced.
-- The swing-arm is damaged and needs replacement (bearings, bush, shaft, etc)
-- Clutch repairs (plates, springs, and gaskets)
-- Rear brake (bent rotor, cable, hose, disk, pad, etc.)
-- Dirty oil

He said "You can trust me because my business reputation rides on it." Little did I know his business reputation was already shot.

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Tags: motorcycle dealers, con artists, posers

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