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Ann H Dart Lcsw


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1314 NW Irving Street
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 279-8826


Category: Health and Medical
Tags: psychiatrists

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1 review for Ann H Dart Lcsw

Ann H Dart Lcsw
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Ann Dart is great. She strikes a good balance between having clear boundaries while being personable and engaged. I have seen therapists before who literally say nothing, so it is nice to see someone who will reply to what I am saying and provide relevant input (but not too much). She is strong, witty, and impossible to fool (if you have never lied to your therapist ignore this, but if you are like me and try to pull the wool of their eyes too, it is excellent that it doesn't work with Ann.) She is really smart, gentle, and straightforward. I really like her and would recommend her for adolescents, and marital therapy as well as individual, which is what I see her for.

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Tags: psychiatrists

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