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Vegetarian House


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22 NW Fourth Ave.
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 274-0160


Category: Restaurants
Tags: chinese, vegetarian, lunch buffet, take-out

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Price Range: Cheap, Under $10
Accepts Credit Cards: yes

1 review for Vegetarian House

Vegetarian House
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Great Chinese food with a vegetarian twist. All your standard Chinese dishes but without the unhealthy meat. Great taste and healthy too. They offer a creative line of meat substitutes for the standard chicken & beef but they also have a fake shrimp that looks just like the real thing! Very popular buffet at lunch time.

They also have a deli section where you can buy frozen packages of their meat alternatives (including the faux shrimp) so you can make a quick stir fry at home.

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Tags: chinese, vegetarian, lunch buffet, take-out

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